// Happy Munday! :3

" Well, they don’t call me the ships cook for nothing"

//Happy late Munday I am so so sorry I had people over so I forgot


askblackleg is so cool I am such a jelly fish. I love bread I love bread I love bread

Aw how kind

// HAPPY MUNDAY Look I went to the anime store♥ my new shirt Aot♥♥

" Whaaaaaaaaaaat?"

" He wont hug me either Nami-swan"

//Happy Munday! I survived first day at college, whew

Day 30! awesomemosshead Zoros diary.

Day 29! awesomemosshead :3 nightmares ( little something for mun-san. I can imagine Zoro would come into your bed if he had nightmares xD )

You: Zoro?

Zoro: *sniffles* Mun-chan…..

You: whats wrong?

Zoro: :c nightmare

You: …come here,.,